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MOSFETs, FETs, MCUs - Olukey
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MOSFETs, FETs, MCUs - Olukey

DFN Package Mosfets: Leading Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier in China

Introducing the latest innovation in power electronics - the DFN Package Mosfets! Designed to revolutionize the industry with their compact size and exceptional performance, these Mosfets are set to elevate your electronic designs to new heights.

With the DFN package, we have brought together the best of efficiency and convenience. These Mosfets offer unparalleled power density, allowing for high power handling capability while occupying minimal board space. Whether you're working on a consumer electronics project or industrial applications, our DFN Package Mosfets provide the perfect solution.

At {Company Name}, we take immense pride in engineering cutting-edge products that meet the demands of modern technology. Our team of experts has meticulously designed and manufactured these Mosfets to deliver the highest level of reliability and performance.

Say goodbye to bulky packages and hello to the future of power electronics with the DFN Package Mosfets. Unleash your creativity, maximize efficiency, and experience superior power management like never before. Trust {Company Name} to bring you the very best in semiconductor technology - because innovation starts here.

WSD30140DN56 N-channel 30V 85A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Get superior performance with the WSD30140DN56 N-channel MOSFET. We are a leading factory, offering a 30V 85A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET for your high-power applications.

WSD2090DN56 N-channel 20V 80A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Shop the WSD2090DN56 N-channel MOSFET at our factory for reliable high voltage performance. Designed for efficiency with a 20V, 80A current capacity.

WSD4098 Dual N-Channel 40V 22A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Get the high-performance WSD4098 Dual N-Channel MOSFET from our factory. This 40V, 22A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET ensures reliable and efficient power management.

WSD30L88DN56 Dual P-channel -30V -49A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Shop dual P-channel -30V -49A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFETs at our factory. High-quality, reliable components for efficient electronic circuitry. Buy now!

WSD3023DN56 N-Ch and P-Channel 30V/-30V 14A/-12A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Experience superior performance with WSD3023DN56 N-Ch and P-Channel 30V/-30V MOSFET. As a factory, we offer high-quality MOSFETs with a current rating of 14A/-12A. Shop now!

WSD20L120DN56 P-channel -20V -120A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

Shop our factory-direct WSD20L120DN56 P-channel MOSFET, delivering -20V and -120A. Discover reliable and efficient power solutions for your applications.

AOS AON6411 NIKO PK5A7BA POTENS PDC3901X Medium and low voltage power MOSFETs

Shop for AOS AON6411, NIKO PK5A7BA, POTENS PDC3901X medium and low voltage power MOSFETs at our factory. High-quality products for all your power needs.

AOS AON6572 POTENS PDEC3096X Medium and low power MOSFETs

Shop online for AOS AON6572, POTENS PDEC3096X medium and low power MOSFETs. As a factory, we offer top-quality semiconductor components at competitive prices.

AON6661 AON6667 AOND32324 PJQ5606 PDC3701T Medium and low voltage power MOSFETs

Discover our diverse range of AON6661, AON6667, AOND32324, PJQ5606, PDC3701T power MOSFETs. As a factory, we offer medium and low voltage options for reliable and efficient power solutions. Shop now!

AOS AON6884 POTENS PDC4806T Medium and low voltage power MOSFETs

Shop AON6884 & PDC4806T power MOSFETs at our factory. These medium and low voltage devices from AOS Potens offer reliable high-performance solutions.

AON6312 AON6358 AON6360 AON6734 AON6792 AONS36314 NTMFS4847N SiRA62DP STL86N3LLH6AG MOSFETs

Discover a wide range of high-quality MOSFETs such as AON6312, AON6358, AON6360, AON6734, AON6792, AONS36314, NTMFS4847N, SiRA62DP, STL86N3LLH6AG at our factory. Browse now!

BSC050N03MSG CSD17327Q5A CSD17307Q5A PH2520U TPH4R803PL TPH3R203NL PJQ5410 AP3D5R0M PDC3803R MOSFETs

As a leading factory, we offer a wide range of high-quality MOSFETs such as BSC050N03MSG, CSD17327Q5A, PH2520U, and more. Trust us for reliable and efficient power management solutions.


Shop the best quality {RS1E281BN RS1E280BN RS1E280GN RS1E301GN RS1E321GN RS1E350BN RS1E350GN PK610SA PK510BA MOSFETs} directly from our factory. Wide range of choices for all your electronic needs.

WSD4018DN22 P-channel -40V -18A DFN2X2-6L WINSOK MOSFET

Shop WSD4018DN22 P-channel MOSFETs at our factory. High-voltage, high-current DFN2X2-6L package. Top-quality WINSOK brand. Get yours now!

AOS AON2409 POTENS PDB3909L P-channel -30V DFN2X2-6L MOSFETs

Looking for AOS AON2409 POTENS PDB3909L P-channel -30V DFN2X2-6L MOSFETs? Look no further! We are a reliable factory offering top-quality products. Order now!

  • Wholesale DFN Package MOSFETs from a Reliable Manufacturer in China
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Introducing the cutting-edge DFN Package MOSFETs, revolutionizing the electronic industry with their advanced technology and exceptional performance. MOSFETs, or Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors, are vital components in modern electronic devices that rely on the control of electric current. Designed with precision and innovation, our DFN Package MOSFETs are set to take your electronic projects to new heights. The DFN Package, short for Dual Flat No-Lead Package, presents a compact and efficient solution for circuit design engineers. Its unique structure incorporates a lead-free package, ensuring enhanced reliability and durability. This breakthrough design not only saves valuable space on circuit boards but also simplifies the assembly process, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency. Our DFN Package MOSFETs boast exceptional electrical performance, characterized by low resistance, high voltage capability, and minimal power dissipation. These features make them ideal for applications demanding high-speed switching, such as power supplies, motor controls, and battery management systems. With their superior thermal performance, our MOSFETs can operate efficiently even in demanding environments, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your electronic devices. In addition to their technical prowess, our DFN Package MOSFETs also prioritize environmental sustainability. By utilizing lead-free materials, we contribute to the preservation of our planet while adhering to global industry standards. Moreover, our commitment to quality control and rigorous testing guarantees the reliability and longevity of our products. With the introduction of our DFN Package MOSFETs, we provide engineers, hobbyists, and manufacturers with a game-changing solution that combines cutting-edge technology, advanced functionality, and sustainability. Join us on this innovative journey and unlock the endless possibilities for your electronic projects.

The DFN Package Mosfets are undoubtedly one of the most reliable products I have come across in the market. The packaging is commendable, providing excellent protection to the delicate Mosfets inside. These Mosfets have proven to be highly efficient, delivering optimal performance in various applications. The small form factor of the DFN package makes it ideal for space-constrained designs, ensuring ease of integration into circuit boards. Additionally, these Mosfets exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, preventing any overheating issues. With their superior quality and advanced technology, the DFN Package Mosfets have undoubtedly exceeded my expectations and are definitely worth the investment.

The DFN Package Mosfets are an exceptional addition to any electronic enthusiast's toolkit. These compact and lightweight power transistors offer unbeatable performance and efficiency. The DFN (Dual Flat No-leads) package ensures easy installation and excellent thermal dissipation, making them ideal for demanding applications. Equipped with advanced features like low on-resistance and high switching speeds, these Mosfets deliver outstanding power control and reliability. Whether you're working on a DIY project or a commercial circuit design, these Mosfets guarantee optimal performance and longevity. With their exceptional quality and affordability, the DFN Package Mosfets are a must-have for every engineer or hobbyist seeking reliable and efficient power transistors.

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